High Angle Conveyors

The Continental Conveyor HAC system has solved many steep angle conveying problems, up to and including vertical lift. The system employs standard troughed belt components in a simple but unique sandwich principle that overcomes the limitations typically encountered with other methods of vertical and high angle conveying.

As the system uses standard belt and belt cleaning devices it is not susceptible to the problems assocaiated with wet or sticky materials as are other systems.

Worldwide the HAC has proved extremely cost effective in a variety of applications. These include the lifting of sand, gravel, RDF, clay excavated silts, ore’s, grain, coal and many more.

More than 120 systems have been installed to date ranging in capacities from 15 t/hr to RDF to 2,000t/hr of -250 mm copper ore and lifts of 15 m 93 m.

A 75 m vertical system lifting 750 t/hr of -127 mm size coal to the top of a rail car loading silo. Each of the 1,372 mm wide belts is powered by a 112 kw transmission.

 48 m lift, 60 degree angle HAC lifting 750 t/hr of 76 mm size limestone from the floor of a quarry to a plant feeder conveyor. The system eliminates the need for long costly truck runs.