Mine Clearance

CCL’s underground conveying experience illustrates our track record that no project is outside the scope of the company, from the smallest of concepts to the major run of mine trunk and inclined drift operations. Most of the major Coal, Potash and phosphate mining operators throughout the world use our equipment.

Additionally in Gold, Copper and Lead/Zinc operations our machines proliferate. High output heavy duty systems are custom designed to suit the required duty, generally using an open type arrangement, configured to ensure the most efficient use of space to allow for the constraints on roadway sizing that can be present in any underground environment.

Deep mining conditions place the greatest emphasis on space constraints and safety demands a focused approach to design Drives and Conveyor Ancillaries in the most compact and robust configuration, whilst paying proper attention to access for maintenance and ease of transportation. CCL has the most comprehensive range of these designs, with power ratings from 10 kW to 1000 kW with all the ancillary Jib, Loop Take-up, Loading Station and Tail End Units, designed to suit the most demanding underground parameters.